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James Hardie Countrylane RedSearching for Countrylane Red Hardie Board houses in Minnesota?

What color is Countrylane Red?

Country Lane is a custom James Hardie siding color. A muted shade of cardinal, Country Lane Red evokes an easy country charm. This homespun red delivers just the right pop of color for classic americana appeal.  This timeless Country Lane Red James Hardie siding color is as welcoming as geraniums in a window box.

What colors go with Countrylane Red?

Countrylane Red goes with a number and James Hardie Siding colors. Energize Countrylane Red with a pop of Arctic White for contrast. Infuse warmth to your home’s exterior by pairing Country Lane Red with Monterey Taupe or Cobble Stone.  Like the iconic barns of the Midwest landscape, Countrylane Red has enduring appeal.

As you consider a color as rich and deep as Country Lane Red, the proper use of accent colors are going to be very important.  Using the classic Arctic White is always a great and safe option.  Many shades of creams will complement nicely with this deep cardinal red.  James Hardie’s Dream collection allows you to find the perfect trim color to accent your new red siding.  They have seven hundred available colors to choose from that are all pre-finished in their factory.  This ensures that your finish warranty is the same on the siding as the trim.

Another thing to consider is how your color will look in the different weather or seasons.  You will want to go see this color in person on both a sunny and cloudy day.  It can look quite a bit different based on these climactic conditions.

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