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James Hardie Pearl GraySearching for Night Gray Hardie Board houses? We have completed many Minnesota siding projects using this color.  Like the long shadows at day’s end, this popular James Hardie color evokes the excitement and passion of nightfall.

What color is James Hardie Night Gray?

Night Gray is a custom James Hardie siding color. Consider playing with different textures of a James Hardie exterior to create modern appeal. Take this dark gray in a more classic direction by pairing it with crisp Arctic White trim. Pair  this unique James Hardie siding color with other shades of gray for moody sophistication. The deepest of neutrals, Night Gray commands attention.  Your neighborhood will definitely notice the transformation after this project.   Dramatic and elegant, this dark gray James Hardie color delivers an air of intrigue to a home’s facade.

What colors go with Night Gray?

As you consider darker colors like this, remember a few things.  During different times of the year, this color is going to appear darker or lighter depending on the foliage on the trees and snow on the ground.  During late spring, summer, and early fall, this popular James Hardie color will appear a touch lighter.  When there is snow on the ground and you get the extreme contrast of the bright white snow, Night Gray will appear much darker.  Going and seeing houses that have this color on them in different seasons will help to solidify your choice and leave you confident in your selection.

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