What’s the Difference Between Single-Glazed and Double-Glazed Windows?

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When it comes to choosing the right windows for your home, one of the biggest decisions is whether to opt for single-glazed or double-glazed windows.

Double-glazed windows have two panes of glass, and single-glazed windows have one pane of glass.

Windows with double glazing have gained popularity in recent years due to their energy efficiency and superior insulation.

The Name Says It All

A double-glazed window has two panes of glass separated by a layer of air or gas.

Argon is the insulating gas most commonly used in a double-glazed window because it is denser than air. This provides an extra layer of insulation.

Windows are the thinnest space between the outside and inside of your home, so it will be colder on the interior glass panel than the rest of the house. That is why having that 7/8 of an inch space between the panes of glass filled with insulating gas can be beneficial.

A single-pane window has a single sheet of glass. It is commonly found in older homes and buildings and is less energy-efficient than double-paned windows.

Single-Glazed Windows

Single-glazed windows have been used for decades and have benefits and drawbacks.

On the one hand, they are:

  • affordable,
  • easy to install,
  • allow natural light to enter your home.

However, they offer:

  • poor insulation,
  • low energy efficiency,
  • less security.

Single-glazed windows transmit heat and cold. They are more prone to developing condensation or fogging, which can be caused by temperature changes or excess moisture in the air. When the glass temperature reaches a point where warm moist air can collect on it, you’ll find condensation and even frost inside your window.

Single-glazed windows require more maintenance than double-glazed because they are less durable and more prone to damage. The single pane of glass is more likely to develop cracks or chips, which can compromise the integrity of the window and require repair or replacement.

Additionally, single-glazed windows offer less noise reduction and may need more frequent maintenance. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons before deciding whether single-glazed windows are the right choice for your home.

Double-Glazed Windows

Double-pane windows are known for their energy efficiency and ability to provide better insulation than single-glazed windows, making them a popular choice for homeowners.

To combat the condensation that can form on interior windows, manufacturers use a non-metallic spacer between the window panes so that the cold doesn’t transmit from the outside pane to the inside pane.

Double-glazed windows offer several benefits over single-glazed windows.

  • They provide better insulation and energy efficiency, which can lead to lower heating and cooling costs.
  • They also offer improved noise reduction.
  • They provide increased security.
  • They require less maintenance.


  • They can be more expensive to install than single-glazed windows.
  • They may not be suitable for older homes with thinner walls.
  • They are heavier, which can put a strain on older window frames.

Despite these drawbacks, the benefits of double-pane windows make them a great investment for homeowners. Their sturdy construction and effective sealing make them a low-maintenance option for homeowners looking for durable, long-lasting windows.

Why We Choose Double-Glazed Windows

Double-paned windows are better for Minnesota houses, which is why we prefer them.

They provide better insulation and energy efficiency, which can help to reduce heating costs during the cold winter months. Minnesota is known for its harsh winters. The extra layer of insulation provided by the double glaze can make a significant difference in keeping the cold air out and the warm air in.

If you need a window replacement to update your old windows with double-glazed windows, contact us for a free estimate.

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