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Are you searching for James Hardie Dream Collection Hardie Board houses in Minnesota?  This collection of over 700 colors is sure to satisfy your unique interests and selections.

What is James Hardie Dream Collection?

James Hardie’s Dream Collection colors are applied right at James Hardie’s factory using the same process that their standard Statement collection uses.  Once the siding board is manufactured and primed, the board is then heated up to the perfect temperature for maximum coating adherance.  The coating is then sprayed on the face and all sides.  Once that is complete the board then goes through a “coating waterfall” or curtain coat.  This ensures smooth and full coverage.  The siding is then put into an oven that bakes on the coating to ensure that it is cured properly.

With this detailed and controlled process, there is no way to duplicate this in field with applied paints once the siding is up.  The James Hardie Dream Collection also has a fifteen year warranty just like the standard Statement Collection.

Whether you are looking for the bold Lake Powell Blue, the bright Caribbean Sea, or the cool Nashville Gray, there is sure to be a color in this selection that fits your style and tastes.  Most colors have matching caulking and flashings to complete the project.

Is James Hardie Dream Collection more expensive?

Yes, the James Hardie Dream Collection is more expensive.  These colors are run specific for your charge so there is an added cost for that.

Want to transform your home like some of the projects you see on this page?  Let’s get together and pick your Dream color!

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