The Importance of Energy Efficient Windows for Your Minneapolis Home

energy efficient windows

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Do you have reliable and energy efficient windows for your home in Minneapolis?

If not, then we encourage you to consider this potential upgrade project. It turns out that replacing old windows is one of the best ways to save money on your power bill, especially during those freezing Minnesota winters.

The Many Calamities of Worn Out Windows

First, let’s go over the problems you’ll experience with outdated windows. It may be time to replace your windows when you notice the following:

  • The glass has cracks, or the frames show visible damages like scratches.
  • You’re receiving a lot of cold drafts in the winter (or hot air in the summer).
  • Fog or condensation forms on the inside of your windows.
  • Your windows don’t cancel out any outdoor sounds (lawn mowers, passing cars, and so forth).
  • You struggle just to open or close windows because they get stuck in one position.
  • All your other home components are in good shape (roof, siding, doors, etc.), yet you’re still struggling with energy costs.

These problems are not normal and should encourage you to pursue a solution ASAP.

Why Upgrade to Energy Efficient Windows?

Now that you know what mediocre windows are like, let’s focus on what we mean by the energy efficient kind. These are the windows that contain insulation-maximizing properties such as low-E glass, argon gas panes, and so forth.

Low-E glass refers to low emissivity, which is a fancy way of saying that it filters UV rays that would enter through the glass and overly heat your home. It’s a real problem in the summer, when you’d like to reduce sunlight, and rely less on air-conditioning. The low-E glass even helps you enhance the UV rays again when it’s cold in the winter.

Argon gas is a terrific innovation where manufacturers add a gas insulator directly into the window panes. So, if you purchase either double or triple-pane windows, this is a substance that helps insulate your home and limit noise intrusion.

Finally, when selecting windows, you’ll want to pay some attention to the materials themselves. Some last longer than others, but it depends on a variety of factors. If you’d like to delve further into this topic, consider re-reading our previous post on the 7 benefits of replacement window installation.

What’s the Best Brand for Energy Efficient Windows?

At Craftsman’s Choice, we strongly recommend Marvin Windows for their style, durability, and energy efficiency. They make some of the finest fiberglass windows, which are a synthetic material designed specifically for bolstering energy efficiency.

Here are some reasons many homeowners choose Marvin windows:

  • They don’t warp or rot and are altogether much more durable than traditional wood or vinyl windows.
  • If your home already has James Hardie Siding, a fiber-cement material, then it’s only logical to match that with fiberglass windows.
  • They provide a top-notch seal, but don’t require lots of homeowner maintenance or upkeep.
  • Although they aren’t cheap, consumer reviewers agree that they’re a terrific investment for energy efficiency since most product lines have low-E glass and other enhancements.
  • You can get them with pretty solid warranty coverage as well.
  • They have a slew of attractive trademark product lines such as Ultimate, Modern, Elevate, and Essential.

There’s a lot more to show regarding the Marvin brand and other premium windows, but hopefully this whets your appetite. Don’t forget that you don’t need to change every window all at once. You can make this an effective piece-meal project anytime.

Craftsman’s Choice: Your First Choice for Any Home Exterior Renovation

Along with prompt and effective window installation service, we’re also highly proficient at roofing, siding, door replacement, and novel renovations like porticos and porches. This makes us the most versatile and reliable home exterior contractor in Minneapolis.

So, if you’ve decided you’re finally fed up with cold air entering your home, then call us for a free estimate on installing energy efficient windows.

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