What is the Most Energy-Efficient Exterior Door?

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Have you ever considered whether you have an energy-efficient exterior door?

The doors in your home are a vital part of your insulating system, and doors that don’t seal properly can affect your home’s energy efficiency.

Fiberglass doors are the most energy-efficient exterior door options because they don’t conduct cold or heat. So, if you are considering a door replacement, fiberglass is your best bet.

Fiberglass is the Most Energy-Efficient Exterior Door

Good Insulation

Like steel, fiberglass is a non-conductive material. You are also able to add insulation between the fiberglass slabs. This provides a solid non-conductive door that won’t allow cold air inside.

Energy-Efficient Locking Options

You can also install a multi-point lock system inside a fiberglass door.

Did you know that your lock system is important to the energy efficiency of your door?

A multi-point lock system ensures that your door is properly seated against the weatherstripping, creating an effective seal. It engages at three different points in the frame from inside the side of the door. You lock all three points in place from a central point, keeping the door true and square. This differs from a deadbolt system that allows the door’s top and bottom to flex, move, and contract.

This means your fiberglass door with a multi-point lock system will have the same efficiency year after year. In contrast, a wooden door with a single locking mechanism will expand and contract over time.

Combining Materials

Having an aluminum-clad exterior helps create a more energy-efficient door system. It helps prevent any damage to the door as opposed to a wood frame that can rot and deteriorate over time.

Aluminum strengthens the door structure and helps further weatherproof it. In contrast, a wood door with a wood frame can sustain wind and moisture damage which will cause it to expand and contract. This will loosen the caulking and allow cold drafts into your home.

Why is Fiberglass a Popular Minneapolis Replacement Door?

Most door replacements in Minnesota are fiberglass. Not only can it withstand the harsh weather, but you can have a fiberglass door with a wood or painted look without the issues that come with a wooden door. The fact that fiberglass can look like wood is ideal for Minnesotans, who tend to choose more natural-looking materials.

Steel doors were very popular in the past, but they conduct heat and cold and have very limited design options. Fiberglass is comparable to steel in terms of strength and has the highest ROI of all the door materials.

In short, fiberglass is attractive, durable, and low maintenance, making it ideal for Minnesota homes.

Signs You Don’t Have an Energy-Efficient Exterior Door

Here are some signs your need a door replacement. If you are looking for more tips for choosing a front door, you can find them here.

Cracking, Peeling, Warping

If you notice that the paint on your door is cracking, peeling, or warping, you need to check for further damage.

You may also have noticed that the hardware and hinges are beginning to rust. These are all signs that your door has sustained moisture damage which will affect its energy efficiency. Doors that sustain moisture damage will swell and warp affecting the seal.

Cold Drafts

When doors expand and contract with heat and cold, it affects how they sit against the weather stripping. You may notice cold drafts or even be able to see light around your door between the door and the frame. These are all signs that you are losing heat and cold is being allowed in.

Difficult to Open and Close

Your door may also be difficult to open and close, which is another sure sign that it has sustained moisture damage and is swollen. Again, any change in shape will affect how the door sits within the frame and protects your home from heat and cold.

Trust Craftsman’s Choice with your Door Replacement

At Craftsman’s Choice, we understand the struggle Minnesotans have to battle the elements.

We work with manufacturers who provide products that can withstand a harsh climate and create an energy-efficient home that is comfortable and protected.

We would love to chat with you about installing an energy-efficient exterior door to make your home more comfortable, so contact us for a free estimate.

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