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mn cultured stone installerCultured Stone in MN.  Looking for a way to complement your new James Hardie siding on your Minnesota home?  Cultured stone is a great way to add color and texture to your home.  This type of stone and installation has been around for over fifty years.  It came about as an alternative to natural stone and brick which could be less costly.  This type of stone is manufactured from a concrete mix to simulate the color and texture of natural stone.  Manufactured stone weighs substantially less than natural stone and brick.  This lightweight and flat back allow for an installation process that is similar to stucco and does not require the use of extra footings or ledges for the stone to be supported.

Boulder Creek Stone Products

We use Boulder Creek stone products for our installations.  Boulder Creek is a leader in their field and have consistently performed in Minnesota’s extreme weather.  Their commitment to being an innovator and leader in their field is one of the reasons we have partnered with them.  Our masons are also artists.  Mixing and matching different colors and shapes of stones takes years of practice.  We’re glad that we have such talented tradesmen that help us to create some of these amazing transformations.

Cultured Stone & Stone Veneer Exteriors in Minnesota

Want to transform your home like some of the projects you see on this page?  Learn more about our Minneapolis James Hardie Siding experts, or contact us today to get a free at-home consultation.

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