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James Hardie Iron Gray

Searching for James Hardie Apple Valley projects?  This renovation success in Apple Valley, MN exudes rustic elegance. The building blocks of this project were James Hardie lap siding, James Hardie shingle shakes, James Hardie trim and cultured stone. The Craftsman’s Choice team delivered the winning formula for this elegant update.

This Apple Valley, MN renovation project began with a siding update. The old Tudor Style siding and stone were stuck in the 1970’s.  Removing stone can be a daunting task.  It’s hard to determine what kind of damage may be under the existing stone.  Luckily for these homeowners, everything under the old stone was just fine.

Apple Valley James Hardie

 James Hardie lap siding in Iron Gray was selected for most of the body of the home. James Hardie trim in Iron Gray quietly completes the new lap siding treatment. James Hardie shingle shakes in a rustic brown Dream Collection color, provide color and texture contrast around the bay window and front door. The brown Dream Collection shingle shakes lend a rustic charm to the design and tie in beautifully with the garage doors painted in the same shade.

The theme of rustic elegance was reinforced in the accents. Cultured stone was added at the base of the home to provide texture and warmth. The colors in the cultured stone perfectly mirror the James Hardie Iron Gray lap siding and James Hardie Dream Collection shingle shakes.  The cultured stone is carried all the way to the front of the garage to ground the home. A new front door in a craftsman’s design completes the renovation. The result was a winning update for this elegant Apple Valley home.

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