Qualities to Look for in a Minnesota Roofing Contractor

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Most roofs are built to last, so it’s not often we find ourselves looking for a Minnesota Roofing Contractor. It can be a bit daunting to find the right one if you don’t know what to look for.

Not all contractors are alike. Some can be quite shady and far too many people find that out the hard way. That’s why it’s important to do your research when it’s time for a new roof and check out more than a few companies.

Qualities to Look for in a Minnesota Roofing Contractor

Be sure to get recommendations from people you trust and check out their websites and independent forums for the truth about these Minnesota roofing contractors.

They Have an Actual Business

This might seem obvious, but if they only provide a cell number and no physical address, be skeptical. These types of companies, unfortunately, exist just to rob people. 

Make sure you see their offices, trucks, and visit them at their office. Find out how long they have been there. If in doubt, ask their neighbors. From there, you can move on to the other things you need to find out. 


Again, this might seem like a given when looking for your Minnesota roofing contractor. But keeping up your license can be expensive and some contractors just let it slide.

There is often an exam for them to pass to get their license and they are required by law to have it to work on your roof. Don’t take any lame excuses here. 

Qualities to Look for in a Minnesota Roofing Contractor: Insurance

These are important to protect you, the customer. They need to be insured before getting up on your roof. These items protect you if someone gets injured or if something gets damaged from their own doing.

Otherwise, you could be stuck having to pay for someone’s medical bills or having to repair damages to your home that you didn’t cause. Accidents happen, but you should not be responsible for paying for them.

Skilled Crew

When looking for your Minnesota roofing contractor, be sure to ask who will be doing the work. Are the people who will be performing the work, crews that they have worked with for years?

You obviously don’t want someone without much experience working on your roof. This is a big job you only want to pay for once. Find out how long the crew has been working. 


Your Minnesota roofing contractor should be more than pleased to hand over several references from satisfied customers. Make sure you call them. Don’t just assume that they are real.

This is where your independent research comes in. Find forums that are not connected to the company and see what people are saying. People are more than happy to talk about a shifty contractor.

Customer Service

Did you feel that your call mattered? It’s fine to be busy, but if someone is rude to you, don’t waste your time. A bad attitude can run deep in an organization, whether they have 10 people or 1000. 

They should be happy to answer all your questions. It’s their business to do so. They are the experts, after all, and they should be more than happy to have you as a customer.

Looking for a Minnesota Roofing Contractor

We get it. It can be difficult looking for a roofing contractor you can trust. Contact Us here at Craftsman’s Choice for a free estimate for whatever job you need.

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