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As you search for the best Minneapolis roofers for your goals and budget, have you ever wondered about the actual roofing construction process?

You may think that installing a roof is a pretty simple process. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Depending on the roofing materials you use, there is a specific process that must be followed.

When you hire reputable and professional Minneapolis roofers, you will find that they use a set process that ensures everything is handled properly and professionally. Keep reading to learn more about this process.

Getting the Dumpster Set Up

The first step for professional roofers when installing a new roof is the dumpster. It is best to have the dumpster delivered and set up as close to the home as possible. While putting the dumpster in the driveway is ideal, the goal is to have it close enough for the roofers to throw the shingles and roofing materials directly into it.

Roofing Materials and Old Roof Tear Off

Once the dumpster is in place, the team will move the materials onto the roof and set up different areas to work. At this point, the old roofing materials will be removed.

It’s important to note that after all the old roofing materials are removed, the roofers will provide a thorough inspection of the roof deck to ensure there are no bad areas that need to be repaired or replaced due to age or storm, wind or hail damage.

It is not unusual to have to replace certain areas on your roof. Usually, the team will find an area around the chimney that may have been leaking or other problem areas. In Minnesota, the winters are particularly harsh, which means it makes sense that there may be some hidden damage. Now is a great time to find these issues and have them repaired.

Repairs and Installation by Minneapolis Roofers

Usually, some repair costs are factored into the cost of the roof replacement. We will charge on a per sheet basis after the initial included sheets are used. After the roof deck is clean and swept, we install an ice and water shield. This type of asphalt material will stick to the roof deck, sealing around the roofing nails when installed. This provides more protection against potential ice dams. This is installed up to six feet from the eaves, in the valleys, and around the penetrations. These are all the problem areas where issues may arise.

After that, a synthetic or felt paper underlayment is installed. Quality roofers will use synthetic materials in some situations because they lay a bit flatter and provide more breathability than traditional tar paper.

At this point, a starter will be installed around the home’s perimeter. Some other roofers will put this at the bottom, but our Minnesota roofing team likes to install it around the roof’s perimeter. The starter is a shingle that has an adhesive strip for installation. This means it bonds to the shingle that goes on top of it to help prevent blow-offs and moisture from getting inside. You have a clean edge with this in place, so you don’t have to see the bottom of overlapped shingles. Instead, you just see a nice clean edge around the perimeter.

The gutters will remain in place during the roof replacement or be added into the work we do if they need to be replaced, too.

The next step is to lay the shingles or put the metal down in the valleys. After that, we work outward until the roof is covered. The ridge vent will be installed, and our team will work to ensure everything is in good condition and installed properly.

With professional roofers, you can feel confident that the roof will be installed properly and that there will be no issues present.

If you are considering a new roof or roof replacement in Minnesota, contact Craftsman’s Choice for a free estimate.

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