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When evaluating a Minnesota Siding contractor, The two most critical decisions you have to make when deciding on a re-siding project are the material that you’re going to have installed and who is going to install it. If you get both of those things right, you’re all but guaranteed to have durable, great-looking siding for decades to come.

The more you shop, the more you’re going to arrive at the point of understanding that James Hardie fiber cement siding is the best that you can get. If your budget allows for James Hardie, there really is no other sensible choice.

Choosing a contractor for the installation can get a bit more tricky. Why? Because there are no shortage of companies that talk a big game, but there are relatively few who can follow through with the experience, expertise and professionalism that you need to have your job done right.

Craftsman’s Choice isn’t just Minnesota’s most experienced James Hardie installer, we’re one of the top rated in the nation. If you want to work with true professionals who have installed James Hardie siding on hundreds of Minneapolis and St. Paul homes and who have the best-in-class workmanship warranty, Craftsman’s Choice is the only option.

Don’t Let Inexperience Ruin Your James Hardie Siding Install

When you’re deciding on a contractor, be sure that you find one that’s operated a stable business for a sustained period of time. And just as important, be sure that whoever you’re working with has extensive experience with the specific material that you want installed.

Siding materials – especially with James Hardie siding projects – have meticulous details and installation procedures. You don’t want to be the guinea pig for a contractor that is inexperienced with a product.

Part of our fully transparent process is to give each homeowner that we work with a copy of the James Hardie installation instructions. We feel that any reputable contractor would want their customer to be informed about the installation procedures.

Remember that if your siding is installed incorrectly and you encounter any problems with the material, your warranty is likely not going to be valid. It is critically important that the job is done right so that you’re protected in the event of any issues.

James Hardie siding is engineered to perform in a certain manner when installed correctly. If it’s installed incorrectly, the warranty is voided. This is a fairly common problem in the area. This would be like putting diesel in a gasoline pickup and expecting Ford to cover and damages that occurred from doing that.

Often, a customer will identify James Hardie siding as the product they want to install. When they tell that to the contractor, the contractor may agree to do the job even if they don’t have any experience with that material. You do not want to be an experiment for a contractor attempting a job they have no business doing.

Craftsman’s Choice Offers Best-in-Class Workmanship Warranty

And on the matter of protection, the State of Minnesota requires contractors to provide a minimum of a one-year workmanship warranty. The standard in the area is five years. Craftsman’s Choice doubles that with a 10-year warranty. We stand by our jobs.

Craftsman’s Choice is licensed and insured. And our team of installers is professional, clean and courteous throughout the entire job. Rather than attempting to be everything to everyone, we’ve chosen a more focused business model. Simply put, you won’t find another contractor with more experience at installing James Hardie fiber cement siding. And our testimonials speak for themselves.

We also have the area’s leading design team, so we’re equipped to present you with all of the best and most detailed options for your exterior remodel. We’ll provide a list of comparable homes from the jobs that we’ve done, and we’ll do a rendering of your specific house to see what works best for your project and budget.

If your intention is to find the highest quality option, James Hardie siding installed by Craftsman’s Choice is the no-brainer. Do your research, and you’ll arrive at that same conclusion.

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Ben Juncker


When Ben Juncker was sitting in his high school career planning class, siding installer was not on his list of potential career paths. As with most people in the construction industry, certain questionable life choices led to a point where they were wearing a tool belt, working with their hands. His path started just this way and he would not change a thing. Those early years in his business of scraping and clawing their way to profitability and stability, have helped him to build a culture of hard work and perseverance at Craftsman’s Choice. Ben started his company in 1998 and they installed their first James Hardie job in 2000. Since that time Craftsman’s Choice has become one of the nation’s top James Hardie Remodelers. They have won James Hardie’s prestigious President’s Club award every year since it’s inception in 2015.

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