Planning & Budgeting for Your Dream Exterior Remodeling Project

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You’ve decided that James Hardie fiber cement siding is the way to go for your exterior remodeling project. Good choice. Now it’s time to put together the plan and to be sure that everything fits in your budget.

If you work with Craftsman’s Choice you’ll have the benefit of not only the highest quality products but also the state’s most experienced installation crew and the area’s leading design team.

We’ve refined our process to allow you easy access to all of your project’s details throughout the job. Our design team will walk you through an assortment of options, including color choices and additional feature opportunities.

We’ll make the entire process informative, cooperative, stress-free and fun. We’re very good at making your house look great.

Itemized Pricing to Provide the Best Value

It is very typical of companies to narrow the scope of your project to features and options that are advantageous to their bottom line and schedules.  They will try to box you into a good, better, best situation that limits your options and scope to represent their best value, not yours.

This also allows them to get you into a payment mindset rather than looking at the overall cost. They’ll visit the house, call, and call and try to wear you down with pressure and salesmanship. They’ll offer financing. They’ll try to reframe your perspective (“Don’t think of it as $30,000, think of it as $489 a month”) and on and on.  Financing is a great tool for homeowners that want it, but shouldn’t be part of the sales gimmick to get you to sign on the dotted line.

That’s not the Craftsman’s Choice way. We’ll be transparent from the very beginning. Yes, James Hardie siding costs more. It’s also the undisputed best product. Wouldn’t you rather know what the job is going to cost for each piece so that you can put together your project scope based on budget and what you are looking to accomplish by this undertaking?

We are not about a pressure approach. We’re about partnerships. We want to work with homeowners who are interested in the very best products and craftsmanship. We want this to be the only siding job you’ll ever need.

Planning Your Exterior Remodeling Project

Now the fun part. Picking out all of the details that are going to make your home the best looking on the block. Craftsman’s Choice stands apart from the competition when it comes to design vision and service for the homeowner.

Some people know exactly what they want and how they want it. That’s great, and we’re not interested in telling you anything you don’t need to know.

Other people know they want their house to look better but don’t have a clear vision of exactly what that might look like. We excel at demonstrating a range of options and ideas. We’ll work until we find exactly what strikes you as the correct look.

Oftentimes, homeowners look at the bigger picture of their home’s exterior and consider features in addition to siding. It is, after all, a great opportunity to completely makeover your house since you’ll already have construction underway. We can help with remodeling services like window replacement, doors, porticos, porches and roofing.

Regardless of what your project might include, we’ll come out for an on-site free initial consultation. We’ll then review the design with you and give you an estimate for the job. And then we’ll proceed with construction.

Throughout the project, our team will dispose of all the waste properly and will work hard to minimally impact your living space. The job is not done until our team conducts a walk-through with you to ensure everything meets your needs and expectations.

Choose Craftsman’s Choice and James Hardie Siding So That You Can Relax and Know the Job Is Done Right

If you’re considering James Hardie fiber cement siding, it’s clear that you’re interested in the highest quality siding and the best look for your home. Don’t make the mistake of making that investment and then leaving installation up to just anyone.

Work with the state’s most experienced installation team. Tap the minds of talented designers so that your home’s exterior truly stands out.

As we like to say, you take pride in your home, and we take pride in our work. Let’s create something awesome together! Contact us for a free consultation.

Ben Juncker


When Ben Juncker was sitting in his high school career planning class, siding installer was not on his list of potential career paths. As with most people in the construction industry, certain questionable life choices led to a point where they were wearing a tool belt, working with their hands. His path started just this way and he would not change a thing. Those early years in his business of scraping and clawing their way to profitability and stability, have helped him to build a culture of hard work and perseverance at Craftsman’s Choice. Ben started his company in 1998 and they installed their first James Hardie job in 2000. Since that time Craftsman’s Choice has become one of the nation’s top James Hardie Remodelers. They have won James Hardie’s prestigious President’s Club award every year since it’s inception in 2015.

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