Common Mistakes Unprofessional Minneapolis Roofing Contractors Make

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Have you ever wondered about the common mistakes that unprofessional Minneapolis Roofing Contractors make?

Unfortunately, not all Minneapolis roofing contractors are professional, nor do they care about the results or longevity of your roof. Understanding some of the most common mistakes will help you see why putting time and effort into finding the right Minneapolis roofing contractors is so important.

Mistake: Minneapolis Roofing Contractors Who Don’t Follow the Right Process

In most cases, issues arise with the roofing process used by the roofer hired. They fail to use the right systems.

For example, most roofing manufacturers have set systems in place so that all pieces and components, from the ice and water shield to the felt, drip edge, ridge cap, and shingles, all work together with each other. If something doesn’t work properly, a single call can be made to get a replacement piece or component or find out more information.

If Minneapolis roofing contractors do not follow the set system, problems arise. Since the components are specially designed to work together, using other brands or types of items can cause problems. While these issues may not be seen immediately, they will eventually lead to you having to find quality and reputable Minneapolis Roofing contractors. This will only result in you having to pay even more to ensure your roof continues to protect your home.

Mistake: Not Caring for Your Property

Another common mistake relates to how the contractor takes care of your property. For example, do they put tarps down around your house? Are they protecting your air conditioner with sheets of plywood or putting coverings on your deck to ensure it isn’t scratched?

When removing a roof or even making repairs, thousands of pounds of shingles are being removed. In some situations, they are thrown two or three stories off the house. This means there is a lot that has the potential to go wrong. It is necessary for the roofer or roofing company you hire to guard against the possible issues and damages that may occur.

Consider this, even if your new roof looks great, if your gutters are broken, your exterior siding is damaged, or your landscape seems beaten to death, the overall roofing job won’t be a great experience.

The goal of your Minneapolis roofer you hire should be to make your home better than when the team arrived, not to cause damage and other issues.

Mistake: Not Doing the Promised Roofing Work

Some roofers are just unscrupulous. They may say they will replace the roof and just shingle over the current shingles. They may not even use a proven system. When this happens, the original issues may be seen again in the near future.

Mistake: Trying to Scam the Insurance Companies

Some roofers are also going to work to scam the insurance companies. They will claim to “eat” the deductible or say you don’t have to pay the deductible because they will do a marketing expense for leaving a sign in your yard. This is extremely common, and customers will ask about not having to pay the deductible all the time because they didn’t with another company. This is considered a type of fraud and something that reputable and professional companies don’t offer.

The fact is, if a roofing company is willing to cheat your insurance company, it should tell you something about their ethics. After all, if they are willing to lie about this, what makes you think they won’t lie about their work or other important parts of the job?

Weeding Out the Subpar Minneapolis Roofing Contractors

If you want to avoid working with some of these subpar roofing service providers, a great option is to ask for local references. Remember, some larger roofing chains have “ghost” offices across the country. They will send “local” reps out after a storm or damaging event like hail. The goal is to make a quick buck, and these companies have no vested interest in the local community.

A great way to avoid this type of situation is by requesting local references from the Minneapolis roofing contractors you are considering. Find out the types of jobs they have done with specifics – dates, location, etc. If you find there’s a significant gap in the reference list, chances are you have encountered a storm chaser.

It’s time to look elsewhere for a more reputable service provider. Contact Craftsman’s Choice today to schedule a free roof inspection.

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