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Exterior Projects

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Exterior projects like new windows, new porticos, and door replacements are some of the best ways to boost curb appeal. Whether you want to sell your home, or simply make it look nicer, there are so many ways to do so. Plus, you can address multiple issues simultaneously with renovations that not only leave your house looking better but functioning optimally as well.

Most Popular Exterior Projects

Many folks have a different way of conceptualizing curb appeal, and we find that it depends greatly on the folks around you. In other words, unless you want something radically different, most homeowners choose to make their homes congruent with the rest of the neighborhood. With that in mind, these are some popular renovation items for home exterior improvement:

  • Porches & Porticos
    What’s better than a nice front porch? How about a spacious one with overhead protection and covering? That’s what you get when you upgrade to a beautiful, modern portico. Along with being a classy addition to your home, these are great for relaxing outside even when it’s raining.
    For more details on design and installation, check out how you can extend your outdoor living area with a new portico.
  • Windows
    The best part about replacing your windows is that it immediately augments both your interior and exterior. This is especially true for bay windows, where you can dramatically alter the lighting and layout of any room. There are countless window styles to choose from nowadays (encasement, single/double hung, etc.) that are entirely cost-effective.
  • Siding
    Many Minneapolis homeowners come to us looking for an upgrade from traditional vinyl siding. They want something that looks better and provides a reliable second envelope of insulation to their home. Our favorite way to do siding is by utilizing a material called “fiber cement siding.” James Hardie Siding is the top manufacturer for what we consider to be far more durable than virtually every wood/vinyl or steel option. This is also what you’re more likely to see for middle-class homes and upward.

Other Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Then there are some other areas of your home that could benefit from an exterior renovation.

  • Door Replacement
    People forget how much you can do with doors these days. Even if you’re not ready for an elaborate portico, there are numerous cost-effective ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal right at the front door. You can adorn your front door with all sorts of customizable glass and paint options. It doesn’t stop at the front of your house either. Sliding glass doors are an excellent way to modernize rear entryways.
  • Roofs
    You can’t always alter the size and shape of your roof once your home’s already built, but you can swap out some old shingles. Our brand of choice is GAF, which comes in about 10 different colors, like Timberline Slate, Hunter Green, and Timberline Hickory. Changing out your faded shingles with these vibrant colors will add curb appeal in no time.

Exterior Projects Help in So Many Ways

Never forget that curb appeal is far from the only utility you get from exterior renovations. What happens when you put in that fancy new window or door? Well, if you had an insulation problem or they weren’t closing properly, then you managed to solve two problems simultaneously.

Exterior work serves the purposes of beautification, better home value, better functionality, stronger security, and energy efficiency.

Get Help with Exterior and Interior Projects Through Craftsman’s Choice

Craftsman’s Choice can help you add tons of curb appeal to your home by replacing windows, roofs, and doors, as well as re-siding and other modifications. We offer our assistance here because these are the kind of tasks that require professional experience and proper precision.

Fortunately, when you work with us, you’re in good hands. We’re the #1 Rated Siding Contractor, according to BloggerLocal. We also hold Master Elite status through GAF for shingled roof installation.

Find out more about all the ways we can help with all your home exterior projects by contacting us at 763-276-7465.

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