Extend Your Outdoor Living Area this Spring with a Portico Installation

Portico Installation

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As the weather starts to warm up, people are starting to enjoy their outdoor living spaces with a portico installation. Porticos are a great way to extend your outdoor living area, and take full advantage of the gorgeous Spring weather!

If you’re considering a portico for your home, keep reading. We’re going to cover why you should install a portico in your home this Spring!

Extend Your Outdoor Living Area this Spring with a Portico Installation: What is a Portico?

A portico, in the simplest terms, is a covered front porch. Porticos can be designed to do a number of things. Smaller porticos are a great way to get out of bad weather before stepping into your home, or a place to open up your umbrella before stepping out of your home and into bad weather.

While smaller porticos are great, a larger portico installation can serve much more use in a home. When you have a portico that’s a bit larger, you can still use it to get out of the rain or snow, but you can also use it as outdoor living space!

Extend Your Outdoor Living Area this Spring with a Portico Installation: How it can Improve Outdoor Living

Getting outdoors when the weather allows is one of the best things you can do. When you install a portico in the front of your home, you’re giving yourself a place to spend time with the family or neighbors, and you’re making your home look great.

Install a Larger Portico for a New Seating Area

When you get a larger portico installed on the front of your home, you can add an entirely new set of furniture. This is a great way to add an all-new living area to your home! You can think of it as your outdoor sitting room, where you can enjoy the weather while it’s nice.

Get an Enclosed Portico to Avoid Bad Weather

In addition to open porticos, you can also get an enclosed portico that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and avoid bad weather. With Spring comes to rain, and this is a great way to get outside without getting drenched. Spring rainstorms are incredibly relaxing, and a portico can allow you to enjoy them to the fullest!

Get the Most of Your Outdoor Space Year Round

While a portico is great for Spring outdoor living, it can be used year-round, too! In the Summer you can put up some fans and enjoy breezy afternoons. During Autumn you can watch the leaves fall from the comfort of your portico. Winter nights can be made cozy on the portico with a simple outdoor heater. There’s no limit to the use you’ll get out of your portico.

A Portico Will Increase Curb Appeal, Too

Porticos are gorgeous, and they give any home a classy feel. When you install a portico onto your home, you’re boosting your home’s curb appeal, as well as its value. Adding usable living space, especially outdoor living space, is highly desirable. So, while you’re sure to get a ton of use out of your portico, it’s also a great investment into your home if you plan on selling anytime soon.

Extend Your Outdoor Living Area this Spring with a Portico Installation: Get in Touch with Us for a Free Estimate!

If you’re ready to enjoy your outdoor living space to the fullest with a portico, be sure to contact us! We here at Craftsman’s Choice provide a number of different portico options and will make sure that whatever you decide on matches your home beautifully. We’re able to work with you to achieve the perfect design for your vision. Get started on your portico design with us today!

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