What Kinds of Trim Can Be Used With HardiePlank Siding?

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Many types of trim boards can be used with HardiePlank siding. Trim accentuates corners, columns, fascia, doors, and windows. It is one of those finishing touches that can create a visual impact and increase your curb appeal.

Hardie trim is the best to use with HardiePlank siding because you create a durable and weatherproof exterior for your home.

The Best Option is Hardie Trim

Hardie trim is made from the same material as James Hardie siding. That means that you will get a quality product and one that works in collaboration with your siding. Because the materials are the same, you won’t need to worry about them expanding and contracting at different rates, compromising moisture protection. Hardie trim comes in different sizes and finishes allowing you to customize the exterior of your home.

For example, you can get rough-sawn, wood grain, or a smooth finish. We typically use a smooth board trim when we use wood grain siding. This creates a subtle contrast.

You can also use band boards between lap siding and different materials like a board and batten or shake siding. Hardie trim battens can also be used vertically, and you can break up the design using a band board.

Hardie trim is versatile enough that you can use it for practical applications like covering fascia boards or creating more decorative designs.

Benefits of Using Hardie Trim with HardiePlank Siding

Trim helps protect the internal structure of your home by reinforcing joinings or areas where different materials meet. It’s an extra reinforcement to help waterproof your exterior. That means that trim needs to be durable and weather-tight.

Hardie trim works well because it has the same qualities as Hardie siding.

  • It is made from fiber cement
  • It is extremely strong
  • It can withstand harsh weather
  • It is low maintenance
  • It is pest resistant

When you use Hardie trim in conjunction with HardiePlank siding, you know that your home will be able to stand up to:

  • Hail
  • Extreme humidity and heat
  • Snow
  • Fire
  • Woodpeckers

Hardie trim also comes in a variety of colors, using the same color technology that James Hardie uses for its siding. Not only will you have trim with a color that is made to last, but you’ll be able to mix and match your trim and siding colors.

Other Products We Use at Craftsman’s Choice

We use different products if they don’t have a profile or can’t be used in an area where we can use Hardie siding.

One of the products we use regularly is a crown molding product. It’s ideal to use on top of windows for a colonial look. We also use it along fascia boards. We use Hardie board trim as the regular fascia with the molding on top. Using crown molding allows us to give our clients customized detailing on their home exteriors.

We also use a different material down at grade (ground level) when we have situations where the siding goes closer than six inches to the grade. We can’t install the siding that low, so we use a secondary product with the same properties as Hardie siding. This gives us a capillary break we need between the grade and where the siding starts.

Let Us Install Your HardiePlank Siding and Take Care of the Finishing Touches

Trim is an underrated component of your home exterior. When you choose the right trim, it can accentuate your siding and elevate the overall aesthetic of your home.

Using the latest technology, we can help you design and customize your home exterior. So, contact us to learn more about HardiePlank siding for your home.

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