What are the Most Popular Styles of Porticos?

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With so many styles of porticos to choose from, it can be tricky to decide on the best fit for your home. Gable-style porticos are the most popular at the moment, with flat and hip roof porticos coming in a close second.

Choosing a portico isn’t about what is the most popular but what will compliment your roof and the style of your home. At Craftsman’s Choice, we can customize your portico to keep it simple or as detailed as you want.

So, whether you want columns, a barrel vault, or cedar accents, we can help you design the right portico for your home.

Gable Porticos are the Most Popular

Gable-style porticos are the most common and the most popular at the moment. They are a triangle shape with a pitch that fits over the top of the front door. They work particularly well if you have a gabled roof as it provides continuity in the look over your home.

The face of the peak of a gable portico also offers the chance for unique detailing. You can choose a different siding or accent detail on the front. Vertical board and batten siding are popular, as well as staggered or straight-edged shake siding.

Other Popular Styles of Porticos

Sometimes, there isn’t enough space above the door for a gabled portico because of windows. Other styles of porticos are a better option then.

Many homeowners opt for a shed-style roof with a portico that comes straight off the house without a peak. A flat portico works well for smaller areas and can be more cost-effective.

Hip-roof porticos come off the house and angle back on the side. It allows enough distance from the wall that when somebody comes to the front door, they have a sheltered area. This is a highly versatile portico style and works with different home designs. Choosing styles of porticos is one thing, but you need to consider custom details and the columns you would like to use.

Stone base columns are popular. They are usually 2 ft by 2 ft, topped by a tapered or square column. These can have clean and simple lines or ornate detailing. A barrel vault is also popular as the arched barrel ceiling in the portico offers a unique feature.

We have also noticed that cedar accents in the portico roof are growing in popularity. For example, we use a bead board or V-groove cedar in the ceiling to offer a personalized design touch.

Why Do You Need a Portico?

Do you need a portico?

Not necessarily, but they certainly add a little something extra to your home. Not to mention that they increase your curb appeal and the value of your home. The right portico gives your home dimension and protection from the elements.

The best portico for your home is one that compliments your roof and your home design. We use materials customized to your design style to ensure your portico creates an aesthetically pleasing focal point.

We will come to your home for a free consultation when you choose Craftsman’s Choice to help with your portico design. We will take measurements and photos and determine your goals for the front of your house. With all that information, we create a design and comprehensive estimate for you to look at. Once you have agreed and signed the contract, construction begins. It usually takes a few days, depending on your chosen design elements and details. We communicate the construction process every step of the way so that you know what to expect.

With So Many Styles of Porticos, Let Us Help You Choose the Right One for your Home

There are as many porticos as home designs, and that’s not including all the customized detail options. Choosing the right elements for your portico can feel overwhelming. It is an element of your home that can make a significant visual impact, so you want to get it right.

To learn more about the styles of porticos and what will be best for your home, contact us for a free consultation.

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