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Searching for window replacement in Minnesota?  You’ve landed in the right place.  Marvin windows are by far the best choice for Minnesota homes. And Craftsman’s choice is the #1 rated Minneapolis window company.

Marvin started in 1917 as a family owned and operated lumber company.  As they grew, they kept this family oriented approach.  Based out of Warroad, Minnesota, Marvin’s windows are made in Minnesota for Minnesota homes.

What are Marvin Windows?

Marvin has three lines of windows.  The first is the Essential line.  Essential windows are all fiberglass and available in many colors and all of the main types of windows.

The second line of windows manufactured by Marvin is the Elevate line.  Elevate windows have a fiberglass exterior and wood interior.  With this option you are able to have a durable fiberglass exterior and yet get the stained wood look that we love here in Minnesota.

The premium line that Marvin has is their Signature line.  This line has an extruded aluminum exterior and a wood interior.  The extruded aluminum is stronger than most competitors that use a roll-formed aluminum that is much thinner.  The Signature series has multiple interior finish options that allow you to get a factory applied finish that has a 10 year warranty.

Where can I buy Marvin Windows?

While Marvin manufactures the best windows, they need to be installed properly.  Craftsman’s Choice is one of Minnesota’s top window replacement companies because we adhere strictly to the manufacturer’s installation instructions.  We won’t cut corners or make recommendations based on what is easiest or cheapest for us.

If you’re ready for window replacement in Minnesota, sign up now for a free consultation.

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