Ready for a New Porch? What to Consider Before Getting Started

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One of the most fashionable ways to boost curb appeal is to install a lavish new porch. You can make your home much classier, and enhance the outdoor ambiance with this type of project. This is one of our specialties at Craftsman’s Choice, but we’d like to educate you on all the important planning considerations before starting.

Our Favorite New Porch Styles

Designing a new porch in 2022 is a lot of fun because there’s so much you can do now that was impossible 30 or 40 years ago. When it comes to exterior renovation, there’s no shortage of fun special features you can add to your home. You can really rejuvenate it with an ornate porch

These are just a few ways to put together a gorgeous front porch.

  • Front Porch Porticos
  • Screened Porches
  • Open Porches
  • Sunroom-Style Porches

Screened porches are nice because they give you a scenic view of your area, but tend to be costly. Sunroom porches do much the same, but you get even more protection from the elements with glass windows. The windows themselves bring you an even greater enhancement opportunity. Open porches, on the other hand, can be as simple as you want. However, you have to deal with bugs in the summertime.

Next, we’ll look closer at porticos (our favorite) and give you a quick preview of the installation process.

Porticos Are All The Rage Now

Both porches and porticos are really popular for home improvement purposes in Minnesota. Porticos give you everything you’d get with a porch along with overhead protection and even further beautification. We’ve done quite a few of these that you can review on our website.

You’ll appreciate our handiwork when you examine this beautiful Edina home that we renovated with a new portico and James Hardie Siding. It’s very crisp, clean, and appealing on many levels. Notice the Arctic White trim complimenting the Pewter siding. That’s one of the most sought-after trim colors at the moment as well.

Craftsman’s Choice New Porch Installation

So, you’re probably wondering how our installation process works. This is important because other contractors may try to rush you. We avoid confusing you by thoroughly elaborating on every detail of our work. This involves a three-step process:

  1. Free Consultation
    Here’s where one of our trained team members will visit your home and get a feel for what you want. We talk to you, take measurements and photos, and carefully consider your wishes and intentions for building a new porch.
  2. Design Review & Estimates
    Then the Craftsman’s Choice team will review what we have, determine the costs, and then present you with an estimate. You have the final say-so on how/if we proceed.
  3. Construction
    The labor that goes into this kind of project depends on the porch’s intended size and complexity. We typically take a few days or so to carefully complete this work. You should receive notifications and regular updates throughout the construction phase.

Craftsman’s Choice Can Help With All Home Exterior Projects

Never rely on second-rate workmanship when it comes to something like a major porch installation. It costs significant money, requires lots of planning and attention, and greatly impacts your overall home aesthetic. That’s why Craftsman’s Choice is fully licensed, insured, and bonded to do this job correctly with 100% customer satisfaction.

You can learn more about how well we do in that regard by consulting our long list of positive testimonials on Google Reviews. Through hard work and dedication, we’ve earned an excellent 4.9 out of 5.0 stars from happy homeowners in Minneapolis, MN.

If you’re excited about getting a new porch for your house, contact us today to find out how we can make it happen for you.

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When Ben Juncker was sitting in his high school career planning class, siding installer was not on his list of potential career paths. As with most people in the construction industry, certain questionable life choices led to a point where they were wearing a tool belt, working with their hands. His path started just this way and he would not change a thing. Those early years in his business of scraping and clawing their way to profitability and stability, have helped him to build a culture of hard work and perseverance at Craftsman’s Choice. Ben started his company in 1998 and they installed their first James Hardie job in 2000. Since that time Craftsman’s Choice has become one of the nation’s top James Hardie Remodelers. They have won James Hardie’s prestigious President’s Club award every year since it’s inception in 2015.

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