What Are Popular Styles of Minnesota Replacement Doors?

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Is it time to invest in Minnesota replacement doors? If you have decided to “take the plunge” into the realm of door options, it’s only natural to leave with your head spinning a bit. There are a lot of options and factors to consider.

While this is true, there are a few options and styles that tend to stand out from others. Keep reading to learn about the most popular door materials and some of the features and options you can choose to customize the door installed.

The Top Styles for Minnesota Replacement Doors

When it comes to choosing a style of Minnesota replacement doors, most homeowners are going with the same style they already have. This may be a sidelight door, or if the siding is being replaced simultaneously, an additional sidelight can be cut and installed. However, in most cases, the original door is replaced with something similar to the style there.

Privacy Options for Your Minnesota Replacement Doors

When it comes to privacy, especially with glass, most homeowners want to know their options. Brands like Therma-Tru offers a privacy scale. This ranges from zero to 10, and homeowners can choose the option that suits their preferences. Having some level of privacy is preferred by most homeowners today.

Tips for Choosing the Right Style of Door

If you are thinking about investing in Minnesota replacement doors, there are more than a few factors to consider. Since styles are always changing, it’s best not to choose something too unique or unusual.

Take some time to consider the styles to find one that suits your home’s architecture and your preferences. Today, customization options make it possible to get the type of door you want, regardless of how unique it may seem.

Learn about some of the most popular styles used today here.

Traditional Doors

Classic door styles usually feature raised panels. There can be between two and 12 panels, and some feature glass inserts, scrollwork, or colored panels. You can typically find these styles in fiberglass, metal, or wood. Usually, they are pre-hung and fairly easy to install.

You can find customization options for these types of doors, too. This is particularly helpful if you live in a home with unusual door opening sizes or if you want a certain design.

Craftsman Doors

From large mountain homes to smaller cottages, Craftsman-style doors are another popular option. These are typically made of fiberglass or wood and usually feature straight lines and a look inspired by the Shaker style. Some Craftsman doors feature a single window at the top holding stained glass or wood- or black-outlined panes. They also have two or three raised panels across the base.

You can also find Craftsman doors with larger glass inserts providing a bigger view of the outside world. Customization options are also available for this type of door.

Modern Doors

Sleek and straight lines are often found in modern-style front doors. These are fashionable options that are a bit more ornate than traditional Craftsman styles. You may also find features like frosted or translucent glass or square or blocked raised panels. These are minimalistic but usually large.

Rustic Doors

Often seen on cabins and homes with brick, stone, or wood exteriors, these doors are usually made out of wood. They may be rectangular or arched. Since some rustic doors have thickness and look that shows off hardiness, you may find the hardware is somewhat oversized and bulky. You will also find clear glass, scored lines, and raised panels as features on traditional rustic doors.

When it comes to Minnesota replacement doors, you have many styles and options to choose from. Keep the options here in mind, as this will help you figure out what you want.

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