Minneapolis Roofing Installation: Signs it’s Time for a New Roof

Minneapolis Roofing Installation

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The best place to obtain professional, reliable Minneapolis roofing installation is through Craftsman’s Choice. Every homeowner knows their roof won’t last forever and that they can’t afford to let it deteriorate. However, you may not know when exactly you should finally take the plunge and get a new one.

This post will address when you should think about doing that.

Minneapolis Roofing Installation: Your Top Concerns

These are the most ominous, telltale signs that you should replace your roof.

  • It’s Leaking
    We definitely have to list this problem first because it’s the most obvious (and aggravating). You won’t want to approach the cold Minnesota winters with a leaky roof any more than you’d want to deal with worn-out windows.
  • The Paint is Peeling
    When your roof leaks, what else happens? The paint on your walls and ceiling will absorb moisture and start to peel. This could come from other issues, but it’s probably time for new roofing whenever you see this problem.
  • Your Roof Has Reached Its manufacturer-recommended Lifespan
    This requires you to know the typical life expectancy of your shingles, steel roof, and so forth. It’s unwise to wait until it collapses. We recommend planning for an upgrade when it’s roughly 80% through its anticipated life cycle.
  • It’s Sagging
    This is another obvious indicator that goes in tandem with the other problems. A saggy roof usually indicates moisture accumulation, or some kind of leak, and will inevitably cave in on you.

Other Factors That Lead You to Need a New Roof

Then there are a few other signs that your roof has seen better days.

If you have a shingled roof, are the individual components starting to curl or buckle? Have the fascia and gutter guards worn off partially or entirely? You’ll even want to check for biological hazards like mold and mildew. Those could spell disaster for your roof, ceiling, walls, doors, siding, and any other piece of home infrastructure.

Also, don’t forget to check out this resource on why it’s important to address leaky roof problems and consider a roof replacement.

What Are Your Options for Roofing Materials?

Of course, there are several ways to build a roof with all sorts of designs and material choices. One of our favorite recommendations is GAF shingles. These are some of the most affordable and reliable you can get, and they’re popular all throughout the country.

The color and dexterity of GAF’s products are diverse and impressive. When you work with us, we can show you a full catalog of 10 dynamic color schemes, including Pewter Gray, Hunter Green, Barkwood, and Mission Brown. Believe it or not, a beautiful new roof can do a lot to help your home’s curb appeal, too.

We’re actually certified as a GAF Master Elite Contractor. That’s noteworthy and remarkable because only 2% of roofing firms ever attain that status. Even if you don’t like the shingled look, you still have several options such as steel, asphalt, and premium customizable designs. There’s something to match any preferences or budget.

Exceptional Minneapolis Roofing Installation With Craftsman’s Choice

If you select Craftsman’s Choice to do your roof job, you won’t have to wait long or deal with a lengthy sales speech. Our team of trained and insured installers can handle any project regardless of complexity or material choices.

Whatever you do, don’t tolerate roofers who show up late or try to complicate the process. We avoid the hassle, which is why Craftsman’s Choice has earned the honor of #1 Rated Roofing Company in Minnesota for three years running. In addition to that high accolade, our aggregate score on Google Reviews remains steady at 4.9 out of 5.0 stars.

At any rate, we can’t wait to meet with you and offer a free estimate on the best Minneapolis roofing installation.

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