How To Choose the Right Type of Siding for Your Minnesota House

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One of the best things about choosing James Hardie fiber cement siding is the design flexibility with the material itself.

Be it lap siding, panel siding, shake siding, trim products, soffit or fascia, James Hardie affords options that other products just can’t offer.

Combining your vision, our design team’s expertise, and the variety of James Hardie siding products, we can create a truly transformative look for your home.

So, how do you go about deciding what type of siding is best for your house? Let’s take a look.

What Kind of House Do You Have and Where Do You Live?

After your personal preference, the leading factor in determining what type of siding is right for your house depends on the style and age of both your home and the surrounding properties.

For example, older homes in south Minneapolis tend to have really small lap with a smooth finish. A larger lap or board and batten siding with a wood-grain texture might not fit homes of that vintage.

Certain houses don’t lend themselves to certain types of siding or to certain design features. Look around your area. Do you see a common type of siding that is specific to the age of the neighborhood?

You may want your house to stand out, but probably for the reasons of the quality of the material, your color selections, and your design features. You probably don’t want an aesthetic appearance that looks out of place.

Solutions for Any Type of House

James Hardie has a range of products that allow for a perfect fit for whatever the situation. Whether you have a Craftsman, a Victorian, a Colonial or a Ranch, the Minnesota exterior remodeling experts at Craftsman’s Choice can help you achieve a historically accurate, architecturally correct and great-looking house.

The James Hardie siding product line includes:

  • HardiePlank Lap Siding – A timeless design with a full spectrum of available colors and textures.
  • Hardie Shingle Siding – The look of cedar shingles but without the rotting, splitting and warping. A great choice for Cottage style homes. HardieShingle also works great for highlighting a gable or for accenting the top half of your house.
  • HardiePanel Vertical Siding – Great for modern homes or for a farmhouse style. You can combine with HardieTrim boards for a board-and-batten look.
  • Hardie Trim Boards – Perfect for accentuating doors, windows, corners or columns. Trim boards offer a great chance to introduce accent colors to your home’s exterior.
  • Hardie Soffit Panels – The durability of fiber cement siding is especially important in those vulnerable gaps between eaves and exterior walls. Protect your home from moisture and pests.

All of the James Hardie products include superior design, extreme resilience and long-lasting warranties. When you choose Hardie siding, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the material. You can focus exclusively on the look you want to achieve.

Don’t Accept Anything Less Than the Best

With other types of siding, you’re limited in what you can do. Oftentimes, there’s just one main product used on every part of your house. With James Hardie, you have the opportunity to combine products to create the perfect look.

No two homes are the same, so why should you be limited to just one siding solution? Why settle for anything less than what you really want?

Our team will work with you until we’ve successfully addressed the core components of design, functionality and budget.

Craftsman’s Choice has the state’s leading design and installation teams. Regardless of the type or combination of James Hardie siding products you choose for your home, we’ll help you achieve an outstanding look that will also hold up to the harsh Minnesota climate.

Contact Craftsman’s Choice to learn more about which James Hardie siding products are right for your house.

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When Ben Juncker was sitting in his high school career planning class, siding installer was not on his list of potential career paths. As with most people in the construction industry, certain questionable life choices led to a point where they were wearing a tool belt, working with their hands. His path started just this way and he would not change a thing. Those early years in his business of scraping and clawing their way to profitability and stability, have helped him to build a culture of hard work and perseverance at Craftsman’s Choice. Ben started his company in 1998 and they installed their first James Hardie job in 2000. Since that time Craftsman’s Choice has become one of the nation’s top James Hardie Remodelers. They have won James Hardie’s prestigious President’s Club award every year since it’s inception in 2015.

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