How Much Does a New Roof Cost?

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How much does a new roof cost?

There’s no easy answer to that question because numerous factors go into working out the cost of a roof replacement project.

Some of the main cost factors are:

  • The style of the roof
  • The material you choose
  • The pitch of the roof
  • The condition of the tear-off product and underlying structures

Considering those factors, the average price of a 2000-square-foot home needing an asphalt roof replacement can be between $8000 and $17000.

Let’s break down some factors that create a roof replacement estimate.

Factors Affecting New Roof Cost

When choosing materials for your roof replacement, you need to think about:

  • Your local climate
  • The weight-bearing capacity of your roof
  • Your budget
  • Style and aesthetic goals

That means a new roof cost estimate can be tricky because numerous factors are at play.


The roof’s pitch affects the square footage in terms of the number of shingles needed and labor rates.

If you have a very steep pitch, the installation team will need to take extra safety measures, which increases your cost. They will also need specialized equipment, and the installation will take longer.

A steep pitch is an essential consideration in the cost of a roof replacement.


There are several material options for a roof replacement, but we recommend asphalt for Minnesotan houses.

Most asphalt shingles have a competitive price range. We are GAF Master Elite Certified Contractors, and some GAF collection shingles cost more. This is because they are thicker and have more ornate detailing. However, if budget is a concern, there is a wide range of shingle options in the GAF range to choose from.

Not only is the material we are putting on important but also the material we are taking off. Before replacing your shingles, we have a tear-off process where we remove the existing roof. Asphalt, metal shingles, cedar shakes, and multiple layers require different equipment and labor.


The design and style of your roof are significant factors in your roof replacement cost. The more complex your roof, the more expensive it will be.

If you have an existing roof structure with many valleys, hips, ridges, and dormers, the cost will be substantially more than a simple, flat roof. That’s because more material is needed. It takes more skill to install and requires extra flashing.

Condition of Decking

As a homeowner, you are excited about a new roof and may not consider what the underlying structures look like. A new roof can’t be installed over damaged systems.

When we are replacing a roof, we:

  • Check the underlayment
  • Assess for water damage
  • Inspect trusses and insulation
  • Look at the vents, fascia, and ridge cap

In older homes, it’s common to have gaps in between the decking board underneath the existing roof. We can only place new shingles over those boards if the gap is within the manufacturer’s requirements. If not, we must overlay the existing decking with plywood before laying the new shingles. This obviously has a significant impact on the new roof cost.

Full vs. Partial Roof Replacement

If you are concerned about how much a new roof will cost, you may be able to get away with a partial roof replacement.

If only a small section of your roof is damaged or you have a tiered roof, you can have a partial roof replacement which will be cheaper.

However, if your roof is old, a complete replacement is better because it improves overall stability and aesthetics.

Does the Contracting Company Affect the New Roof Cost?

The contracting company you choose also impacts the cost of a roof replacement.

When you select an inexpensive company, you will spend more on maintenance down the road.

Using a certified professional company guarantees you quality work and products that will save you money in the long run.

Trust Our Transparent Process

At Craftsman’s Choice, we are committed to a transparent process and reliable roofing estimates. Our clients have access to an online portal that keeps them informed of the project’s progress, and there are no hidden costs.

We provide a free new roof cost estimate, so contact us today to learn more.

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