How Do I Prepare My Minnesota Home For Siding Replacement?

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Replacing the siding on your home is a significant investment in both time and money. For Minnesota homeowners, preparing your property for this renovation can make the process smoother and protect your belongings. Let’s explore the best practices for preparing your Minnesota home for siding replacement. This guide outlines essential steps to ensure a hassle-free experience during your home’s siding upgrade.

Clearing the Work Area: Essential First Steps

Creating Necessary Space

Before the siding specialists arrive, it’s crucial to provide them with ample space to work. Clear a 2 to 3-foot area around your house’s exterior. This involves removing deck furniture, hose reels, and any other items in close proximity to the walls.

This space not only aids the workers but also protects your belongings from accidental damage. Clearing the area also reduces the likelihood of tripping hazards for the workers, ensuring a safer work environment. Moreover, it allows the team to efficiently maneuver their equipment and materials.

Managing Landscaping

If you have shrubbery or plants near your home’s exterior, they may need attention. Bushes close to the walls should be pruned back or tied up to prevent interference with the siding work. This step not only facilitates easier access for the workers but also protects your plants from potential harm.

Well-maintained landscaping can also enhance the overall appearance of your new siding. Additionally, it’s a good opportunity to assess and trim any overgrown vegetation that could affect your home’s exterior in the long term.

Safety First: Protecting Children and Pets

Ensuring Safety of Loved Ones

The siding replacement process involves numerous tools and materials that could pose risks to children and pets. It’s essential to inform your family about the ongoing work and ensure that children and pets are kept away from the work area.

Establishing clear boundaries and supervision can prevent accidents and ensure everyone’s safety. Discuss with your family the importance of staying clear of the construction zone. It’s also a good idea to arrange for pets to stay in a secure and comfortable area away from the noise and activity.

Preparing External Wall Hangings

Wall hangings on the exterior, such as bird feeders or mailboxes, need your attention. It’s advisable to remove these items yourself to prevent any accidental damage during the siding process.

By taking down these decorations, you not only safeguard them but also provide the workers with unobstructed access to your home’s exterior. Removing these items can also give you a chance to clean or update them. This is an excellent time to consider if you want to replace or upgrade any outdoor fixtures.

Additional Preparations

Moving Outdoor Furniture and Grills

Patio furniture and grills are common in Minnesota homes. These items should be moved away from the work area. This not only creates a safer environment for the siding team but also protects your outdoor belongings from dust, debris, and potential damage.

Relocating these items can also give you the opportunity to reorganize your outdoor space. Consider using this time to plan a new layout or refresh your patio design.

Securing Interior Items

While the focus is often on the exterior, don’t forget the inside of your home. Vibrations from the siding work can affect items hanging on interior walls. Check and secure wall hangings, picture frames, and mirrors to prevent them from shifting or falling.

It’s also wise to remove any delicate items from shelves that might be affected by the vibrations. Additionally, you might want to cover furniture near the walls to protect from any dust that might enter through windows or doors.


Preparing your Minnesota home for siding replacement is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and efficient process. By clearing the work area, safeguarding your family and pets, and protecting your belongings, you can significantly contribute to a successful siding project.

Should you have any queries or need further assistance, feel free to contact us. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in preserving the beauty and integrity of your home during renovations.

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