How Do I Prepare My Minnesota Home For Roofing Replacement?

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When it comes to home maintenance, replacing your roof is a significant undertaking that requires careful preparation. Homeowners in Minnesota, in particular, face unique challenges due to the state’s diverse weather conditions. In this article, we’ll guide you through the essential steps to prepare your Minnesota home for roofing replacement, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Clearing Space Around Your Home

The first step in preparing for a roofing replacement is to clear the space around your home. This includes moving items away from the walls and ensuring that the area directly below the eaves is accessible. Roofing contractors will be removing thousands of pounds of shingles, most of which will be dropped near the eaves. Although contractors use tarps to mitigate debris, clearing this area is crucial for safety and efficiency.

Protecting Precious Areas and Landscaping

If you have any sentimental or valuable items around your home, like a cherished rose bush or a unique garden feature, it’s important to make these areas known to the roofing team. Professional roofers can take additional precautions, such as constructing plywood boxes, to protect these areas during the roofing process.

Managing Heat Cables and Roof Accessories

Another important aspect of preparing for a roofing replacement is dealing with heat cables or similar items on your roof. It’s advisable to remove these accessories before the roofing team arrives. This not only facilitates a smoother workflow but also helps in preventing any accidental damage to these installations.

Ensuring Accessibility for Dump Trailers

Roofing projects generate a significant amount of waste, primarily old shingles. Roofing teams typically use dump trailers, which they prefer to position as close to the house as possible, often in the driveway. To accommodate this, ensure that your driveway is clear and any vehicles are removed from the garage. This step is crucial for efficient waste management and to allow easy access for the roofing crew.

Communication and Collaboration with Roofing Professionals

Open and clear communication with your roofing contractor is vital. Before the project begins, discuss any concerns or special requests you may have. Let them know about the specific areas you want to be protected or any logistical challenges they might face. Collaboration and understanding between the homeowner and the roofing team are key to a successful roofing replacement process.

Preparing the Interior of Your Home

While most of the roofing work takes place outside, it’s wise to prepare the inside of your home as well. The process can cause vibrations throughout your home, which might affect hanging pictures, light fixtures, or other delicate items. Securing these items or temporarily removing them can prevent damage.


Preparing your Minnesota home for roofing replacement involves several key steps, from clearing space around your home to communicating effectively with your roofing team. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your roofing project proceeds smoothly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to your daily life.

Should you have any further questions or need assistance with your roofing project, please feel free to contact us. Remember, a well-prepared home leads to a more successful roofing project, safeguarding your property and enhancing your peace of mind.

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