Comparing Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Vinyl Windows

Comparing Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Vinyl Windows

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Getting new windows is a big decision, and choosing from fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl windows is another consideration. You also need to consider energy efficiency, durability, and cost.

Not all windows are ideal for all homes or climates. Ultimately the choice will come to what you need, like the best, and your budget. There are certainly pros and cons to each.

Comparing Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Vinyl Windows

It’s a good idea to ask a lot of questions about each of these materials. All of the fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl windows come with their own benefits.


Fiberglass windows are extremely popular. They are light, durable, and hold up very well to warping, corroding, rotting, rusting, and a lot of wear and tear. They are also available in many different styles and colors.

Fiberglass is extremely strong and durable. It can be glazed, painted, shaped, and due to its strength, it can be made thinner. It is ideal for keeping the heat and the cold on the right side.

Fiberglass windows are very popular for their ability to withstand almost anything, they can be custom-made to any shape, and their energy efficiency over most other materials.


Moving on in comparing fiberglass, aluminum, and vinyl windows is aluminum. These windows are also lightweight, very durable, and can be made to fit any shape you need.

They can be painted or finished and should be coated if being used in damp or wet climates to stave off rust.

Aluminum windows can be easily customized for a unique look and style. Frames can be made very narrow to enhance the sightlines of your windows all the while providing great energy efficiency.


Most people choose vinyl windows over fiberglass and aluminum. Vinyl is low-cost, which is why most people choose it. It is more durable than wood, but not as durable as aluminum and fiberglass.

Vinyl windows do not tolerate high and low temperatures. It can crack under the deep freeze and warp or melt in extremely hot weather. It does work well at controlling your energy efficiency.

They are much thicker than the other materials, so they give a more traditional look, rather than contemporary. Their low cost and energy efficacy are what make them so popular.

Comparing Fiberglass, Aluminum, and Vinyl Windows

Ultimately, the choice is yours as the homeowner. However, you can see there are certainly benefits to all. For those who experience severe weather temperatures, choosing aluminum or fiberglass would serve your situation much better.

Both aluminum and fiberglass windows come in a wide array of designs and styles. Both of these are also great when it comes to durability, strength, and are low maintenance.

Both materials will stay looking great for years after they have been installed with just simple cleanings. Aluminum will get corroded if you are close to seawater.

Fiberglass is much better than the other two when it comes to energy efficiency. Of course, your windows are only as good as their installation. That’s why you should call us here at Craftsman’s Choice.

Along with helping you choose the right type of window, we can also make suggestions to improve the functionality. When you hire our team of professionals for new window installation or window replacement, all you have to do is give us a call. Our team can provide you with a professional consultation to help ensure you get the window solutions you want and need.

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