Why Choosing James Hardie Siding is a Wise Decision

Why Choosing James Hardie Siding is a Wise Decision

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There are plenty of different types of siding available, but choosing James Hardie siding is a wise decision. Replacing your siding isn’t something you want to do very often.

With so many siding materials available, and all at different prices, we understand it can be difficult to choose. But James Hardie fiber cement siding is a great choice every time.

Why Choosing James Hardie Siding is a Wise Decision

Regardless of where you live or what style your home is, there is a James Hardie siding that is just perfect for you. The siding is made to suit your own climate.


The James Hardie fiber cement siding will last a very long time. It is built to be waterproof, resistant to pests, like woodpeckers, and can withstand all the harsh elements from all types of weather.

Plus, their ColorPlus technology gives you baked-on color that resists fading, cracking, or peeling. It looks just as great on the first day as it will on the 500th. You won’t need to worry about replacement or repairs.

Fire Resistant

Another reason for choosing James Hardie siding is a  wise decision is that it is fire-resistant. Unlike wood or vinyl siding, James Hardie siding won’t burn or fuel a fire.

This is very appealing to homeowners, and a great reason why this siding is so popular. When you have fiber cement siding installed, ask about getting your premiums reduced.

Why Choosing James Hardie Siding is a Wise Decision: Long-Lasting and Performance

Another popular reason why James Hardie siding is a wise decision is that you get long-lasting value from your investment. Severe weather can really take a toll on your siding throughout the year.

James Hardie siding won’t get damaged in harsh weather like hail, excessive rain, droughts, snow, and ice storms. Their fiber cement siding not only holds up during extreme heat or cold, but it also resists windblown debris moisture damage and rotting, and warping.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other types of siding, there is no need to worry about it getting damaged or needing repairs. Your new James Hardie siding only requires cleaning once or twice a year, which is why it is a big seller.

A simple wash with your garden hose and cleaning up after a storm is all that is required. With James Hardie offering a 30-year warranty, you know that your siding will be there looking great for a long time.

Plenty of Choices

James Hardie siding is available in several sizes, styles, and colors. Plus, it can be made to look like other materials. Get the beauty of wood siding without the cost, the maintenance, and the worry.

Now with their Dream Collection, you can also get access to 700 color choices. If there is something unique you want, get your siding color to stand out in your neighborhood and have your own special style.

Excellent Warranty

For many homeowners, the warranty is enough of a reason for choosing James Hardie siding as a wise decision. With this fiber cement lasting as long as it will and the no-fuss maintenance, it comes with a 30-year warranty non-prorated warranty.

That is an investment you can count on for your home. Worry-free siding that almost takes care of itself. You simply won’t find that with many other types of siding materials.

Why Choosing James Hardie Siding is a Wise Decision

If you need to replace your siding, consider getting James Hardie fiber cement siding installed. It looks great, lasts for years, and is backed for the lifetime of your home.

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