Best Siding for Deterring Woodpeckers in Minnesota

Siding for Deterring Woodpeckers minnesota

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If you have problems with pests or animals damaging your home and are wondering what siding is best for woodpeckers, you are not alone. Woodpeckers are drawn to certain types of siding, and that can be a big problem.

The last thing you want to do is invest in beautiful wood or engineered wood siding just to have woodpeckers destroy it. If woodpeckers are plentiful where you live, you can still have beautiful siding and deter any pests.

Best Siding for Deterring Woodpeckers in Minnesota?

Woodpeckers live on insects, insects that burrow into your wood siding. Given enough time, they will make larger holes to store food, like nuts and seeds, and then make even larger holes to live in and make more woodpeckers.

If you have your heart set on wood siding but are worried about what the woodpeckers will do to it, don’t despair. James Hardie Siding looks like cedar siding but doesn’t give the woodpeckers anything to chew on.

James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding

The best siding for deterring woodpeckers is fiber cement siding. It is also very affordable and extremely versatile. It can look just like wood or any other type of material you wish, at a fraction of the cost.

Fiber cement siding is gaining popularity all the time. It’s not only a deterrent for woodpeckers, but it is resistant to fire, mold, rotting, and will last for many years to come.

It is also resistant to most types of damage, like storms, bug infestations, and some regular wear and tear. It can be made in any color and texture, so you can have the siding you want but for much less than the original materials.

Fiber cement siding is easy to install and should last the lifetime of your home. If you are looking to replace your siding, consider James Hardie fiber cement. It is one of the best sidings for deterring woodpeckers and the insects they live on.

Is Engineered Wood Siding Woodpecker Proof?

Engineered Wood Siding does not stand up to woodpeckers.  Engineered wood is not a good option in areas where woodpeckers are present. The last thing you would want is to spend a lot of money on siding and have the same problems that you had before.

Siding for Deterring Woodpeckers

If your siding allows the infestation of insects, then the woodpeckers will also be attracted to it. Once they start to work on your siding, they leave large holes where moisture can get in, causing a lot more damage.  Smaller birds also use these holes to enter the wall cavity and make nests which causes a whole host of issues.

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