What Are Common Types of Minneapolis Replacement Windows?

minneapolis replacement window types

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When choosing Minneapolis replacement windows, there are more than a few factors to consider.

First, choosing the replacement window material type is important, but you also have to select the type of window you want.

There are several options to choose from, with some of the most common highlighted and described here.

Double Hung Windows

One of the most common types of replacement windows in Minneapolis is double-hung windows. With this style, two sashes go up and down and lock in the middle of the window.

These are common in older homes. However, newer double-hung windows are designed with a tilt feature. This makes it easier to clean the glass since both sashes will tilt. Thanks to this, you can clean the outside of the glass from the inside of your home.

Casement Windows

Casement is another option to consider. Today, it is regarded as the most popular. Some people refer to these as crank-out windows.

When it comes to efficiency, casement windows are at the top of the list. That’s because the sash is cranked into the frame. Engaging the lock will also create a seal that keeps cold or heat out. When the wind blows on this type of window, it will make the seal even tighter.

For a while, casement windows got a bit of a bad rap because they used to be manufactured with subpar hardware. There were instances where the hardware would pull away or out of the wood. If moisture got into this area, then the hardware would begin to rust. It is important to note that this issue is only seen in older casement windows that have been in place for 25 to 30 years.

With casement windows, you also get more glass. This is because you do not have a horizontal bar where the two sashes meet like with a double hung window. This is all glass, which provides a slightly better viewing area.

Sliding Windows

The least efficient type of Minneapolis replacement window is the sliding window. These are often reserved for basements and similar areas.

With sliding windows, you have two sashes that slide back and forth. On some, just one sash moves, while other designs have dual sliding sashes. The reason that there is a fixed panel in one is to improve the window’s efficiency. This will help minimize the leakage around the window because it can be sealed more effectively.

Minneapolis Replacement Windows Considerations

Some homeowners want to replace casement windows with double-hung windows or another type. However, when it comes to switching the type of windows in place, there are a few requirements that must be considered.

In some situations, the entire opening will have to be reframed. However, this depends on the new type of window being installed. Your window professional can provide more insight about what is required if you want to change from one type of window to another.

Permit Requirements for Minneapolis Replacement Windows

With most window-type swaps, a permit is required. Inspectors will look to ensure the windows meet egress. In some areas, all replacement windows will require you to acquire a permit. It is best to find out these requirements ahead of time. Your window professional will know the requirements for the area, as well.

If you are interested in investing in Minneapolis replacement windows, knowing the most popular options is a must. With this information, you can feel confident you are getting the right type for your needs and that it will ensure your home’s efficiency now and in the future.

Then, work with the professionals to get the right type of replacement windows and schedule a free estimate for Minnesota window replacement today.

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