Benefits of Hiring a Professional Door Replacement Contractor

professional door replacement contractor

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When it’s time to purchase a new exterior door, we recommend hiring a professional door replacement contractor for optimal results. Door installation is a little tricky, especially if your threshold framework has wood rot or other damages.

What are the best advantages to hiring a door replacement contractor like Craftsman’s Choice in Minnesota?

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Door Replacement Contractor

  • Proper Installation
    • Anybody who’s tried to open or close a door, only to have it drag along the floor, knows the importance of proper installation. Plus, when you pay several hundred dollars (or more) for a new door, you can’t afford mediocre assembly, since it will deteriorate faster.
  • It’s Safer
    • Most entryway doors weigh at least 80 pounds, which presents safety challenges for installers. Also, if you install it wrong, you lose the security advantages since it’ll be easier for an intruder to break.
  • Improve Insulation
    • Your windows and doors are pivotal for energy efficiency. If you want to protect your home from all those cold drafts in the winter, you need professional installation. Our installation crew can help you select the correct door size (using the right frames) and assemble it for maximum home insulation.
  • We’re Fast & Clean Up After Ourselves
    • Sometimes, you can’t count on exterior contractors to do the best job cleaning up after a project. That’s not what we’re about, though. When we finish any installation task, we quickly remove all the loose debris before inspecting the finished results with you.

What Are My Options for New Doors in Minnesota?

Now that you know why you should hire a professional for this task, let’s discuss some of the best door selections available in Minneapolis. There are plenty of options for homeowners these days, but we find the most popular are fiberglass, wood, and steel.

  • Fiberglass – This could be the best material to match with ornate windows because it has the same consistency regardless of whether it’s cold or warm. Fiberglass, although lighter than other choices, also holds its finish significantly better than wood or steel alternatives.
  • Wood – Wood offers such a beautiful and classic appearance. Besides the majestic cedar varieties, you’ll find a lot of rustic walnut and mahogany wood doors around our community. Just be aware that wood responds adversely to weather changes by contracting (in the winter) and expanding (in the summer), which leads to deterioration eventually.
  • Steel – These doors aren’t the first choice for energy efficiency, but they are outstanding for security and safety purposes thanks to their durability. If you’re after a simpler style, then steel may be an excellent selection for your home.

Can I Install Doors By Myself?

We rarely recommend trying to replace doors by yourself. It’s easy to make mistakes, and many doors (especially steel and wood), are quite heavy and difficult to move.

We often encounter poorly installed doors where the homeowner failed to make sure it was level. It’s also common for folks to use the wrong hinge screws, which will allow the door to move out of place over time (hence the dragging, sometimes). Since we’d rather have you avoid these headaches, consider working with a pro like Craftsman’s Choice who can take care of everything for you.

Craftsman’s Choice: Minneapolis’ Most Professional Door Replacement Contractor

We install doors all the time in neighborhoods all over Minneapolis. While we’re working on your doors, you can also use us for other exterior renovations like window replacement, new siding, and roofing. We’re the area’s most comprehensive construction contractor.

How do you know we’re as good as we say we are?

One way to verify is to check our ratings on Google Reviews. There, we maintain a 4.9/5.0 star score among previous clients. That’s because homeowners appreciate fast, thorough, warranty-backed service, which is all we offer.

If you need help from a professional door replacement contractor, then contact Craftsman’s Choice in St. Michael, MN, for prompt and reliable service.

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