Benefits of Fiberglass Window Installation

Fiberglass Window Installation

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Fiberglass window installation could be the next big exterior improvement task that helps you save energy and beautify your home. We highly recommend it for a variety of reasons, which we aim to explain in this article.

The Most Important Reasons to Consider Fiberglass Window Installation

While any kind of window replacement is an upgrade over an old or worn-out window, we find extra value in pursuing the fiberglass options. Here’s why:

  • They can last more than 50 years.
  • Design choices are much more lucrative than vinyl. They tend to look much more spectacular.
  • They are strong, durable, and energy efficient. You won’t have to worry about them allowing a huge draft any longer.
  • Since they’re made from heavy-duty synthetic material, there’s way less chance of warping, cracking, bending, or expanding.
  • Wood rot is a non-issue for fiberglass.
  • They’re fire-resistant and generally handle the summer heat better, too.
  • This material is anti-magnetic and a good electrical insulator.
  • It’s one of the best ways to improve curb appeal.
  • The frames are thinner and not nearly as bulky as wood or vinyl.
  • They’re the best option for minimizing outdoor noise and distractions.

Other Fiberglass Window Benefits

Not only is fiberglass roughly eight times stronger than vinyl, but it’s a better aesthetic investment, too. While it costs more to purchase and install when you attempt to sell a much more modern home. Plus, the cost differential between fiberglass and vinyl might only be about 10 to 25%.

Don’t forget that this is also an opportunity to further safeguard your property. How do burglars often sneak into a home? They take advantage of old/compromised windows. Fiberglass is your best bet for a tighter seal and more security.

You can learn more on this topic by reading over one of our previous posts on the 7 benefits of replacement window installation. Craftsman’s Choice installs vinyl and aluminum windows as well, so those are still viable options for you. Always shop around and set a budget for any home renovation task.

Many Popular Brands to Choose From

More good news is that there is no shortage of solid window-making companies that utilize fiberglass. Marvin windows are our favorite. They make solid windows that can last for a solid 50 years.

Marvin has two fiberglass lines that utilize their proprietary Ultrex fiberglass. The Elevate line has a fiberglass exterior and a wood interior. Their Essential line is all fiberglass.

Fiberglass Window Installation with Craftsman’s Choice

It’s time to get moving with new fiberglass windows in your home. If you’re still unsure about the costs or need more time to decide, that’s okay, too. Craftsman’s Choice is happy to give you a free estimate on everything, and you don’t have to replace each window all at once.

We’re the installation crew you can trust because we’re met with popular endorsements from folks all over Minneapolis. Whether you want to make a big upgrade to more than a dozen windows, or just shore up a few weak spots, we’re delighted to assist.

Contact us today to get started on fiberglass window installation that will transform your home’s insulation and security.

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