5 Spring Roofing Maintenance Tips for Minnesota Homeowners

Roofing Maintenance Tips

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Spring is the time for maintenance, and just about every homeowner can benefit from some spring roofing maintenance tips. Your home’s roof is, arguably, one of the most important parts to take care of. It’s the “roof over your head,” and it keeps everything you don’t want outside.

The funny thing is that the roof of most houses tends to be the most neglected part of the home. That’s probably because we don’t see it too often. As we head into Spring, keep these maintenance tips in mind.

5 Roofing Maintenance Tips for Spring

The tips listed below are going to help you keep your roof in the best shape, which in turn will keep your home in the best shape!

1. Look for Signs of Winter Damage

Minnesota can get some pretty harsh winter storms. These storms might not seem like they’re beating your roof up too badly, but the damage that they can cause may go unnoticed. It’s important to look for sags from snow buildup, as well as cracks from harsh winds. Sometimes, hail can leave pretty bad indents, as well, causing small damage that can add up.

2. Inspect for Damaged, Missing, or Lose Shingles

Shingles are like your roof’s defense against the elements. They help shield the wood and other materials underneath from excessive moisture, as well as sun damage. A missing or damaged shingle is like a chink in the armor, so to speak. If you see that any of your shingles are in disarray, you may need roof repairs.

3. Keep Things Clean the Right Way

Spring is the time to get up on the roof and get things cleaned up. After a long winter, you’re probably going to find plenty of debris, as well as a lot of built-up grime. To keep your roof in the best shape, you’ll need to get rid of these things.

However, it’s important to NEVER pressure wash your roof. Pressure washing will more than likely cause damage to your roof. Water from a pressure washer leaves the nozzle like a jet, and it will remove much of the shingle granule, which permanently damages them. Use a roofing-specific product and a brush to keep things well-preserved.

4. Remove Debris Consistently

Unfortunately, debris removal isn’t a “once a season” job. As branches and leaves build up on the roof, make sure to remove them promptly. Leaving them in one place for too long allows for moisture buildup, and eventually rot. Keeping your roof free of debris will enable it to dry correctly, keeping it healthy for longer.

5. Trim Tree Limbs Around Your Roof

While this may seem like it’s unrelated to roofing maintenance tips, it’s actually one of the best preventative measures any homeowner can take. Over the winter, plenty of branches end up dying, and they pose a hazard to your roof. Preemptively trimming these branches can save you some heartache later on. Replacing a roof isn’t the best feeling when the damage could have been prevented.

Use These Roofing Maintenance Tips Throughout the Year

While these are an excellent set of tips for Spring, they’re actually pretty useful year-round! Your roof is one of the best defenses your home has against the elements, make sure you’re taking care of it.

Roofing Maintenance Tips: Contact Us For All of Your Roof Repair and Replacement Needs

Sometimes when you’re maintaining your roof, you’ll find damage that needs to be addressed. If that’s the case for you, be sure to contact us for a free estimate. We’d be happy to help you with your roofing needs, and recommend the best course of action. Contact us today to get started!

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