Lake Elmo MN James Hardie Iron Gray Board and Batten with Marvin Windows

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James Hardie Iron Gray

Iron Gray Board and Batten was the choice for these Lake Elmo homeowners.  This remodeling project has breathed new life into a home weathered by the relentless forces of Minnesota’s harsh climate. The focus of this transformation was the removal of old cedar siding that had fallen victim to the relentless pecking of woodpeckers and the unforgiving elements. The solution? A modern and durable upgrade using James Hardie fiber cement siding in the sophisticated shade of Iron Gray.


Iron Gray Board and Batten

The choice of James Hardie fiber cement siding was a strategic one, considering its resilience against both woodpecker damage and Minnesota’s notorious weather conditions. The iron gray board and batten application added a touch of classic charm, enhancing the home’s curb appeal while providing a robust defense against the elements.

Marvin Window Replacement

However, the remodeling project didn’t stop at the siding. The homeowners also decided to address the aging wood windows, which had endured 40 years of wear and tear. Leaks and deterioration were evident, prompting a thoughtful selection of Marvin’s Signature Series aluminum-clad windows. With a bronze exterior that seamlessly complemented the Iron Gray siding and pre-finished wood interiors, these windows brought a perfect blend of modern functionality and timeless aesthetics.

Marvin’s Signature Series windows not only offered a solution to the existing issues but also contributed to improved energy efficiency, ensuring a more comfortable and sustainable living environment. The homeowners were delighted with the results, as the new windows not only provided a visual refresh but also increased the overall value and efficiency of their home.

This Lake Elmo remodeling project stands as a testament to the transformative power of strategic choices in home improvement. By combining James Hardie’s durable fiber cement siding with Marvin’s high-quality windows, the homeowners have not only revitalized their residence but also invested in a long-lasting and visually appealing solution that will endure the test of time. In the heart of Minnesota, this refreshed home now stands proudly, showcasing the perfect synergy of form and function.

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