Elk River MN Aged Pewter Hardie Board Stucco Rehab

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James Hardie Aged Pewter

Aged Pewter Hardie Board was used on this project in Elk River, MN.  This house built in 2000 recently underwent a remarkable transformation, breathing new life into its facade. The catalyst for this change was the need to address dented steel siding which was damaged by a recent hailstorm and moisture-damaged stucco.

The homeowners embarked on a journey to rejuvenate their residence, opting for the timeless and durable solution of James Hardie Aged Pewter siding. This versatile choice not only addressed the existing issues but also provided an opportunity to give the home a modern and refreshed appearance.

To achieve a cohesive yet dynamic aesthetic, the remodeling project incorporated a thoughtful combination of Aged Pewter Hardie board lap siding, straight edge shakes, and board-and-batten elements. The combination of these textures added depth and character to the exterior, elevating the home’s curb appeal to a whole new level.

Aged Pewter Hardie Board

In addition to the siding overhaul, cedar brackets were strategically added to the gables. This subtle but impactful detail not only served a functional purpose but also introduced a touch of architectural flair, contributing to the overall charm of the home.

Beneath the surface, the Craftsman’s Choice team uncovered the effects of moisture damage that had penetrated the stucco. Repairing the existing sheathing and framing became a crucial part of the project, ensuring the structural integrity of the home. The careful restoration of the underlying framing and sheathing, not only rectified the damage but also laid the foundation for a more resilient and enduring exterior.

The Elk River residence now stands as a testament to the transformative power of quality materials and expert craftsmanship. James Hardie Aged Pewter siding, combined with thoughtful design choices and necessary repairs, has given this home a new lease on life, seamlessly blending modern aesthetics with enduring functionality. 

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