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James Hardie Arctic WhiteJames Hardie Arctic White Hardie Board houses what you are searching for? Whether classic cottage, modern farmhouse or traditional two-story, the iconic Arctic White always works.  Arctic White performs equally well as a time-tested body color or as a crisp counterpoint to a bolder James Hardie siding body color. Clients choose Arctic White to update their home with timeless style and polish. Arctic White conveys everything from understated elegance to cutting-edge modern.  A true modern Minnesota siding classic, Arctic White never goes out of style.

There are many ways to implement this color into the design of your home.  We have built gable details, shutters, and flowerboxes and used Arctic White to contrast the body color.  James Hardie soffit and fascia are also a popular Arctic White trim option.  A popular trend that we see is to complement an Arctic White body with black windows and a black roof.  This style is commonly referred to as a modern farmhouse.

One thing you’ll want to consider doing as you are considering different colors is going to see a house that has that color and look at it in different lights.  Over cast days, sunny days, winter, and summer can all make the different colors appear lighter or darker.  We want you to be as comfortable as possible in your color selection.  Doing a little legwork on the front end can make you feel much more comfortable as the James Hardie siding pallets are being unwrapped and the siding is starting to go upWant to transform your home like some of the projects you see on this page?  Learn more about our Minneapolis James Hardie Siding experts, or contact us today to get a free at-home consultation.