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Window Composition Defined

Window Composition Defined

One of the confusing aspects of researching potential replacement windows, is what materials windows are made of.  There are three main categories of windows: Aluminum Clad, Fiberglass, and Vinyl.  Each material has different benefits and disadvantages.  When determining which window is best for your home, what the window is made of should be one of the first decisions made.

Fiberglass Windows

Beechworth Product Photo Low Res Double hung prairie SDLs straight exterior

Fiberglass Exterior

Beechworth Product Photo Low Res Double hung interior colonial

Fiberglass Real Wood Interior













Fiberglass windows have been a segment of the window industry that has been growing quickly over the past few years.  The main issue we have had with fiberglass windows is that they were ugly!  That has changed with a company called Beechworth windows.  Beechworth has focused on the remodeling market and has a window that gives you the durability of a fiberglass window with the beauty of natural wood.  Other manufacturers have fiberglass window lines but have been hesistant to make them “too nice”.  The reason for this is that they don’t want to cannibalize their other window lines.  Beechworth doesn’t have any other window lines so they put all of their energy into fiberglass windows.  This is the window that we have found suits most of our homeowner’s needs.


  • Fiberglass is dimensionally stable – Won’t expand and contract
  • Real Wood Interior
  • Very Energy Efficient
  • Stronger than vinyl and aluminum
  • Extremely Hail Resistant


Aluminum Clad Windows


Aluminum Clad Exterior


Aluminum Clad Interior














Aluminum clad windows have been very popular over the years.  Aluminum clad windows tend to be expensive.  Marvin, Pella, and Jeld-Wen all make aluminum clad windows.  While being energy efficient, these windows are susceptible to hail damage.  These are the windows that we have previously installed the most of.


Vinyl Windows


Interior of a Vinyl Window


Exterior of a Vinyl Window












Vinyl windows are the most popular window right now for one reason – price!!  Vinyl windows are quite energy efficient.  One of the main disavantages of vinyl windows is the look.  While some manufacturers do have a “faux” wood finish, it doesn’t look very good most of the time.  So if you don’t want white or beige on the inside of your home, vinyl probably isn’t for you.  Another drawback to vinyl is that it is not as strong as fiberglass or aluminum.  In our extreme climate, vinyl is always expanding and contracting, which can lead to problems down the road.

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